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Find out how normal, every day people are saving and making thousands every single month.

What is Wake Up Now?

Wake Up Now is a ground breaking program that allows people to save money and make money.  This program is changing the landscape of the MLM and Network Marketing sectors.

At the core of the program is the belief that “saving money is making money.”  Wake Up Now was built in such a way that those who use their products and services can easily save $300-$500 every single month.

For those who aren’t content with just saving money, Wake Up Now offers a very lucrative compensation plan.  The compensation structure was built off of the principle of B3 – H3 – G3 (bring 3, help 3, get 3).

With Wake Up Now, if you are able to share the vision with just 3 people and help them do the same thing, your commissions have reached an astonishing $600/month or $7200/year.

What Are Wake Up Now’s Products?


Wake Up Now Taxbot

Taxbot is a phone and web application developed by Tax Attorney and CPA, Sandy Botkin.  It is 100% compliant with IRS record keeping guidelines and is designed to keep track of business expenses and miles driven.

Sandy offers training in conjunction with Taxbot to help members maximize their tax returns and minimize their tax liability.


Finance is a software product exclusively licensed from Money Desktop.  It was designed to give you a birds-eye view of your finances.

Not only does Finance allow you to track your expenses, but, Finance will create a debt elimination strategy to get you 100% debt free in half the time it would have taken you otherwise…with the money you already make.

Invisus Protect

Identity theft is quickly becoming the most common crime world wide.  Because Wake Up Now is a financial wellness company, they partnered with one of the leaders in identity protection: Invisus.

Not only will threats to your identity be monitored, but God forbid your identity become compromised, Invisus will pay up to $25,000 to help you restore your good name.


This award winning language learning software is used by the likes of Barclays, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and other fortune 500 companies to train employees.

Other software programs might claim to be #1, but when businesses need their employees to learn a language, TellMeMore is what they use.

Awaken Energy Drink

Awaken is a blend of all natural ingredients, like Samoan noni, açaí and Amazonian cupuaçu—a fruit from the heart of the rainforest prized for centuries by Amazon Basin natives for its health and medicinal properties—Awaken with cupuaçu provides a naturally caffeine-free energy burst. Convenient tear-and-pour sticks allow you to simply add to water to enjoy this refreshing and antioxidant-rich nutritional supplement.

Trivani Skin Care

Wake Up Now’s recent acquisition of the Trivani product line was a bold move into the multi-billion dollar skin care market. Trivani’s products are 100% natural, toxin free and irritant free.

While other companies may use toxins to create the fragrances, Trivani is dedicated to only putting out safe products that have never been tested on animals.

How Do you Save With Wake Up Now?

Cellular Discounts

Through Wake Up Now’s corporate discount, members enjoy a 22% savings on AT&T cell phone bills and 12% on T-Mobile.


Wake Up Now gathers all the best FREE deals on the internet and puts them all in one place: the Wake Up Now Hub.

Exclusive Discounts

Get exclusive savings, and the highest cashback deals from thousands of stores with the Wake Up Now Marketplace.

Vacation Club

Save 50%-90% on travel and access unpublished deals with Wake Up Now’s condo card, cruise card and hotel card.

How Good Are The Vacation Club Savings?

Real Rates for Week Long Stays At Vacation Club Properties

How Do You Earn With Wake Up Now?

Making money with Wake Up Now is pretty straight forward.  You get paid for introducing people to the company as a customer or as a business owner.

However, your efforts are compounded as you also make money based on the total volume (number of people) in your organization.  Wake Up Now allows you to leverage other people’s efforts to make substantial income.

If you take a look at the chart below, you quickly realize that with only 12 people (1170GV) in your organization, you can make $600/m residually…that’s $7200 every single year.  The amount that you want to make is only limited by the effort that you put forth.

Why Wake Up Now?

While you have many options when it comes to network marketing, there are few that are as approved as Wake Up Now.  To prove it, we have attached a screenshot from both the Better Business Bureau and the Direct Sellers Association.

Wake Up Now not only has stellar leadership but also operates with the highest level of integrity.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

There are many different ways to get started with Wake Up Now.  One thing to know is that it will always be free to sign up as a customer for Wake Up Now and access the savings from the Wake Up Now Marketplace.

The best deals are to be had by the packages that Wake Up Now has put together to give its members substantial savings.  Take a look…

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